Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission is now open. All accepted abstracts will be published in the special issue of the Perfusion Journal.

Key Dates

10 February 2021

Abstract submission deadline

March 2021

Notification: you will receive an e-mail with an approval or denial of your abstract

April 2021

Information and instructions for the upload of your ePoster (upright format, DIN A0, PDF only)

General information

Draft status
As long as you do not click on the submit button, your abstract will only be safed as a draft. You will be able to review it, make changes and submit it at a later stage (but before the deadline). Abstracts that remain in draft status after the deadline will not be processed and will therefore not be considered for selection.

Changes and corrections
After having submitted the abstract, no further changes can be made regarding the abstract content or information regarding the authors, presenters, topic, etc.). Your abstract will be published as submitted.

EuroELSO Young Investigator Award
Before submitting your abstract, you have the possibility to apply for the EuroELSO Young Investigator Award. Further information on the Young Investigator Award can be found here.

The following criteria apply for an application:

  • Age under 35 years (on 5 May 2020)
  • Submission of a scientific abstract
  • Motivation statement from a supervisor

Registration for the congress is mandatory in order to present your abstract on-site and to have it published in the Abstract Book. Your registration has to be completed until 5 March 2020 (23:59, Berlin time) the latest, otherwise your abstract will not be published in the Abstract Book.
In case your abstract is not accepted and you have already registered for the conference, the paid registration fee can be refunded.

Abstract submission procedure and content

Maximum is 25 words typed in lower-case letters. Please be careful that errors may occur if you copy and paste the title into the field from another document.
Do not include authors, institutions or city names in the title. Choose a title that clearly indicates the content of the contribution.

For the submission of your abstract, one single topic has to be selected to index the abstract. The chosen topic will be the category in which your abstract will be reviewed and graded. You should therefore select it carefully.

Abstract categories / topics:
Adult – Cardiac failure
Adult – Lab session – fundamental research
Adult – Nurse
Adult – Perfusion
Adult – Respiratory failure
Adult – Other

Pediatric – Cardiac failure
Pediatric – Difficult cases
Pediatric – Nurse
Pediatric – Quality Improvement
Pediatric – Respiratory failure
Pediatric – Other

Study Group
You may use this field to enter the name of the affiliation for your research or the name of an investigating team. Please do not use this field to name individual authors.

Abstract authors and institutions
At least one author has to be listed in order to submit the abstract. The first author should be the abstract or poster presenter by default.
The names of the authors will be published in the order as listed during the submission process. After having submitted the abstract, no further changes regarding the author list can be made.
Entering your institution is a mandatory step. Once you have entered your institution details, you will be able to apply it for other authors in your list. 

Abstract content
All abstracts have to be submitted and must be prepared in English language, the official language of the EuroELSO Virtual Congress.
The maximum word limit is 300 words.

Abstracts have to be structured according to the following specified subtitles:

Images & tables
Per abstract, the maximum of 1 image is allowed. The maximum image size is 500 KB and max. 600 (w) x 800 (h) pixel. You may upload graphs and images in JPG, GIF or PNG format. The word count for an image is 50 words.
In addition to an image, you can add a table.
Tables: Per abstract, the maximum of 1 table is allowed. The maximum number of rows / columns per table is 10 / 10. The word count for a table is 10 words per row.

Preferred presentation type
The standard presentation type is an ePoster (portrait format). You will be asked to provide your ePoster 2-4 weeks prior to the congress.
A number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation during scientific sessions or during one of the moderated poster sessions.

During the abstract submission process you will have to select whether you want your abstract to be considered for oral presentation or not.
Further information regarding the oral presentations will be provided after the abstract selection in February 2020.

Abstract Grading / Results
All abstracts will be blinded for review and will be graded by members of the Steering and Scientific Committee of EuroELSO in the category that best fits their expertise.

All submitters will be notified by e-mail by mid March 2021 about the outcome (accepted or not accepted) of the review and selection process. Please ensure the e-mail address provided is correct as all correspondences will be sent via e-mail.

For abstract-related questions please send an e-mail to euroelso2021@interplan.de.