Call for Manuscripts

EuroELSO 2019 in cooperation with Perfusion Journal announces the CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS!

We aim to provide an opportunity to widely spread your research and knowledge. We ask for high quality, original research articles focused on all aspects of extracorporeal technology in critical care and in experimental setting, especially for refractory lung and/or heart failure, cardiac arrest/resuscitation, laboratory modelling and technological issues related to those technologies.

Potential topics of interest should be focused, but are not limited to:

  • Lung failure – target populations, monitoring during ECMO, weaning, cannulation techniques
  • Cardiogenic shock – mechanical support indications, approaches, prolonged use of VA ECMO
  • In-hospital or out-of-hospital cardiac arrest – role for ECLS, early decision making, monitoring of ECLS adequacy, preferred setting, outcome scoring in ECPR
  • Long-term outcome of ECLS/ECMO
  • Neonatology and pediatric aspects in ECLS/ECMO
  • Septic shock, septic cardiomyopathy, infections and ECLS/ECMO
  • Technical aspects, circuit and membrane composition, interaction with endothelium – complications of ECMO

All submitted manuscripts will undergo regular peer review process and will be published in a special issue released during EURO-ELSO 2019 congress in Barcelona, Spain. Selected manuscripts may also get the chance to be presented in a hot-topic session during the conference.
The deadline for submission was 17th December, 2018.

The review process has to be completed by Monday, 14th January 2019.
Please note that only those manuscripts that will be accepted after standard peer review and will reach the journal by 14th January 2019 will be included in the special issue. It will be necessary to provide feedbacks/comments/new copy of the manuscript extremely promptly.

Submission rules
Authors can submit manuscripts only when participating on the EuroELSO 2019 Congress because some of the manuscripts may be selected for oral/poster presentations.
In addition to submitting manuscripts to the journal, authors are encouraged to submit abstracts of their manuscripts through the EuroELSO 2019 Congress website. Please use the same title for the manuscript and for the relevant abstract submitted through the EuroELSO 2019 Congress website.